Pr. No: 0860018642494 HPCSA No: PS 0063053
M.A. CLIN. PSYCH. (Pretoria)

Beverly Slater is a member of PSYSSA (Psychological Society of South Africa), Neuropsychology SA, the HPCSA (Health Professions Council of South Africa), and SAAsMA (South African Aerospace Medical Association).

Beverly completed her degree in 1998, after which she worked in diverse branches of her field. Starting her career as a school psychologist at Leicester Road Primary School, she then moved to Tara Hospital. At Tara, she spent two days a week at the Alex East Bank Clinic. Beverly then joined Tabitha Hume and Associates at The X-Clinic, where she was the resident psychologist working with eating disorders and women’s health issues.
Beverly is currently in private practice. She is an affiliate of ICAS, Life Assist, EOH Health and Metropolitan Health, where she assists in employee wellness. She is currently registered at the University of the Witwatersrand for Doctoral studies. Field of study is in aviation psychology in the field of aerospace medicine and human factors. Doctorate involves working on a project with ATNS.

Beverly was part of the ICAS International specialist affiliate night team for the Middle East/Gulf operations.


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